Grow Your School &
Your Adult Martial Arts Program

Recruit New Prospects by Learning How to Teach
an Active Shooter Neutralization Course

Recruit New Prospects
By teaching an active shooter workshop
in your martial arts school
Engage Existing Members
with real world application of the
martial arts you teach
Empower Your Community
And become an Awareness
& Self Defense Authority

Generate interest in your adult martial arts program
by organizing an Active Shooter Workshop in your school, followed by an optional 4 week long Active Shooter Tactics Program.

 Step by step Instructions on how to organize & promote an Active Shooter Tactics Workshop in your martial arts school

 All the required Active Shooter Gun Disarm Tutorials shown in detail and explained for the workshop as well as the 4 week program

 Complete marketing strategies to generate leads & new members

How Does It Work?



• Online Streaming Course
• Includes All Future Updates
• Certification Opportunities

Digital Streaming Course featuring 30 Videos that will teach you

how to implement the Ultimate Tactical Training Available

Organize & Promote an Active Shooter Tactics Workshop

Learn the
Disarm Techniques

Convert Prospects
into Members

Our easy to follow tutorials help you get started quickly:

Each Gun Disarm is taught & explained in detail with easy to understand videos

No weapon training experience necessary to learn and teach disarms to your students

Incorporate the martial arts techniques you teach in your day to day curriculum

Mr. Robby Beard’s Active Shooter Tactics was
Featured On the Cover Story of
MASuccess Magazine (Dec. '16)

"Survival School: The Martial Arts Industry's Next Big Trend "

MA Success Magazine wrote the following about
Mr. Robby Beard's Active Shooter Tactics (excerpt)

Robby Beard’s Survival School is a no-nonsense approach to the sudden and volatile nature of violence in the dangerous world we live in today. As stated before, it was that rare magical combination of being in the right place at the right time with the right solution. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that it’s resonating so successfully with the general public and with school owners seeking a new means of revenue from the adult demographic. The only question left is, will Beard’s Survival School become the next big trend in the martial arts industry?

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